Inoculating companies against inaction, irrelevance, inflexibility and instability.

ANTIGENcy Advantage

One thing we hear executives like about this model is that it captures a richness and range of possibilities that traditional consulting may not capture. It is designed to stimulate decision makers to consider changes they would otherwise ignore—partially because we organize outcomes into a narrative and not a stiff analysis. This makes a significant difference.


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What We Set Out to Accomplish With Antigens

What if an organization had an immune system that could sense instantly when something was not right and dispatch the right help before management knew it was an issue that needed to be addressed?

ANTIGENcy is about active and informed scenario planning –anecdotes and antidotes.

ANTIGENcy antigens are prescient scenarios with wings! They are forward-looking statements and what-if’s that organizations want to see and think about. They are stimulating organizations to think more broadly about things that can adversely affect their bottom lines.

Each scenario is a several page designed PDF that helps the subscriber understand the antigen and that antigen’s value to their organization. It is also an account of how other organizations have used the antigen and the results they found in narrative outcomes.

It looks a bit like the periodic table of elements in how it describes its purpose, value, relevance and potential to sniff out hidden liabilities and see themselves and their organizations in that antigen’s context. They have to embody the vision the antigen imparts.

Here’s an example:


Subcategories: Career Path, Succession Planning, Employee Engagement

Antigen description: Your Organization is about to lose an important leader

Detail: Tom, a rapidly emerging manager understands your business, is going through an Executive MBA program at a top university and is, unbeknownst to you, entertaining offers from an industry rival.

He is on the fence and feels some allegiance to your company. However, he is not making as much money as he knows he can elsewhere and feels like he is not a part of as many decisions about his employer as he feels he can reliably contribute.

You have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and immeasurable amounts of time into Tom, not to mention the knowledge he has built about your most guarded trade secrets—is about to fly out the door. Tom also has 16 people he has trained and who would follow him out the door regardless of any non-solicitation agreements they have signed.

Potential Loss to Your Organization:

  • Your company’s time and financial investment in Tom.
  • The cost of the hole Tom’s departure is about to create.
  • The replacement costs of Tom’s potential followers.
  • The morale of adjacent employees.
  • The notion that the company isn’t good enough to keep top talent planted as a seed in all other employees’ minds.
  • The potential gains Tom could have created for your company.
  • The competitive advantage you just handed to an industry rival.

Action: ANTIGENcy runs the organization through the process:

  1. ANTIGENcy does baseline research on the organization, helps to on-board the client using subscription model. Helps the client to see the process and their place in that process.
  2. ANTIGENcy administers the Vulnerability Assessment Test (VAT.) Determines score. Reports score in a facilitated meeting. In this same meeting, ANTIGENcy counselors helps the organization see how the results translate into antigens.
  3. ANTIGENcy helps with the planning for the “injecting” of the antigen(s). ANTIGENcy helps to demonstrate how is it going to unfold within the organization. ANTIGENcy helps with any necessary internal communications that needs to take place. Help with any mitigation and contingency planning.
  4. ANTIGENcy facilitates the injection of the antigen into the organization.
  5. Observe the outcome(s).
  6. ANTIGENcy overseeing the building of the antibody(ies) to address the adverse outcomes. (IMPORTANT NOTE: ANTIGENcy directly addresses the issues of Career Pathing, Succession Planning and Employee Engagement.)
  7. ANTIGENcy-facilitated meeting to present the antibody(ies) and help demonstrate how the process helps the organization deal with issues hidden behind corners/in the future. Ongoing/periodic assessment of the antibodies efficacy.
  8. Continuous improvement cycles to keep the organization fit.

We are currently building up the antigen database and finalizing the assessment tests. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Steven Keith (919) 771-5219.


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ANTIGENcy’s Purpose Design, Goals and Objectives

What ANTIGENcy is: It’s a group of curious people that have begun to create a way for organizations (ANTIGENcy customers) to better anticipate and outflank adverse business outcomes. It’s designed to help them become better acquainted with their futures.

ANTIGENcy is a product and a service. The antigen is the product. The application of the antigen and creation of the custom process is the service and it looks like this:

  • Research the organization/on-boarding
  • Administering the VAT(vulnerability assessment test)/scoring
  • Planning for the injecting of the antigen(s)
  • Injecting the antigen
  • Observing the outcome(s)
  • Overseeing the building of the antibodies
  • Periodic assessment of the antibodies efficacy
  • Continuous improvement cycles to keep the organization fit

So, first, there is a product that will take the shape of a library of growing antigens categorized as follows:

1. Strategic

2. Leadership

3. People & Culture (human capital)

4. External (marketing, advertising, etc.)

5. Technology

6. Operations (process & methods)

7. Sales (revenue & profit)

8. Environment (physical space & location)

9. Knowledge & Learning

Based on the client organization’s Vulnerability Assessment Test results, we would be able to steer them toward a specific category.

Second, there is a service, a consultation that allows for ANTIGENcy partners to help the organization plan for, administer and apply changes to allow for growth or suppression of the adverse events they’re guarding against.

There are many benfits to this approach over traditional management consulting. Foremost is ANTIGENcy’s belief that approaching sticky business problems is more than a mere prescriptive approach to problems they know they have. The difference lies between knowing you have a specific problem and knowing how to fix it (conventional approach), and not knowing you have vulnerabilities and seeking out to address them. This approach forces organizations to see around corners, to think laterally about the future and bolstering defenses before they become liabilities.

The ANTIGENcy approach is an effective way to present complex scenarios in a coherent, integrated picture that allows leaders to prepare for a more productive future.

It also allows for org’s to gain exposure to a broader array of potential problems than they may have exposure to in the present. It forces them to look at and gauge the importance of adjacent or tangential problems or challenges and their vulnerability to them and gives them an opportunity to become aware of them, at the very least and an opportunity to take steps to actively guard themselves against these problems.

A tangible selling point of this approach needs to be that if one subscribes to the ANTIGENcy library, they will soon have access to a growing body of maturing scenarios and viable means to protect themselves from unanticipated liabilities. I call this recombinance.

In essence, if one subscribes to the service, they gain access to the whole library giving them wide access to the means and ways that other organizations have used the antigens. If company A used antigen X, then company B should be able to benefit from the learning of company A and so on.

The goals of ANTIGENcy are:

  • To produce a valued disruption in traditional management consulting.
  • To help bold organizations play a more active role in their futures.
  • To make the client company have more fun with important work.
  • To grow a powerful library of business antigens that is valued by all who touch them.
  • Create a significant demand for this approach that organizations want to subscribe to.
  • Help organizations identify or self-diagnose what their limitations and barriers are and give them a means to address them.

The objectives of ANTIGENcy are to:

  • Create a business allowing approximately 15 smart and creative people to innovate a disruption to conventional management consulting.
  • To produce a profit allowing 15 people to live a balanced working life and be engaged in their work.
  • To become a B-Corp and give significant profits back to the communities in which we work.
  • To gain 25 clients within the first year and 100 clients within the first two years.

If you are interested in this approach please contact Steven Keith (919) 771-5219.

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