I am having fun creating these antigens.

You know, for as preposterous as it sounds to do what I am doing, I haven’t run into anyone yet that has called me out or told me that I am a complete fool. Most the folks that I share this idea with are intrigued, cock their head a little to the side and then again intrigued. Perhaps their just holding it in.

In the simplest terms, I am focused on isolating destructive “strains” affecting companies. I am starting on the interior and will work my way out to the exterior in the next few months. Once I have begun a map of the these strains in isolation, I will begin to craft specific antigens and then antibodies that address these strains.

The bottom line is that I really feel like this is an approach that has legs. I believe that we need to begin looking at evolutionary biology as a metaphor to help us manage change. As things become more networked and socialized, it will be through these biological metaphors that we understand how to manage the lightening-speed growth of business evolution.

In the coming weeks I will be fleshing it out more and talking to folks in both the traditional management consulting space and the bio-sciences space to firm the concept up more. I feel like an idiot as I dive deeper into this as I am neither a management consultant or a biologist. I’m just a guy with an idea.

This is the most fun I have had at work in years. I am absolutely flabbergasted.

1 thought on “I am having fun creating these antigens.

  1. Are you going to use evolutionary biology as more than a metaphor? The Web is fast evolving into an organism in it’s own right and studying how organizations interact with and fit into that system would be really interesting.

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