Nosocomial = Infections From Within

There is a great term explaining infections that come from within a hospital. It is “nosocomial.” Because hospitals are essentially a zoo of rapidly mutating illnesses growing within people with compromised immune systems.

I liken this to many business cultures or communities. Within any company you will find cultures where “infections” are born, mutate and multiply under a specific management structure, leadership style or attitude. And they are always specific to one company.  When creative or innovative thinkers enter into this culture, they may be susceptible or become exposed to nosocomial strains.

Think about it. What do company cultures do to onboard new people? They get them in the door and begin acculturate them. If your culture is one that foster’s thinking, creativity, innovation and functions like a meritocracy, granted that is what you want, you first must have the right culture. Otherwise you are bringing new people into an environment where their “fit” is determined by how much they think like everyone else, to some extent. And if that baseline isn’t what will get your organization to point B, you have a problem.

We suggest you think carefully about the culture you foster. To what extent is that culture the one you know will support the future of your work. Conversely, how long until you infect the new gal with your specific strains. Or worse, kill them off.

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