Great Quote from C. Otto Scharmer in “Theory U”

“Across the board, we collectively create outcomes (and side effects) that
nobody wants. Yet the key decision makers do not feel capable of redirecting this course of events in any significant way. They feel just as trapped as the rest of us in what often seems to be a race to the bottom.

The same problem affects our massive institutional failure: we haven’t learned to mold, bend, and transform our centuries-old collective patterns of thinking, conversing, and institutionalizing to fit the realities of today.”

What a great use of words.

1 thought on “Great Quote from C. Otto Scharmer in “Theory U”

  1. It’s the law of unintended consequences. Whenever we make changes, no matter how pure our intentions, there are always unforeseen results.

    The trick is to realize that there will be side effects (for better or worse) and put strategies in place that can evolve in ways to deal with the consequences as they arise. And of course to accept that progress is a process, not a one time event.

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