An innovation formula

It occurred to me that the amount of pointless jabber is commensurate with how easy it is to be right. Or how hard it is to be wrong. Or how acceptable it is to us all to keep reading and retweeting the same crap over and over again. I am just as guilty as the next one. Just spouting.

I have been researching broad swaths of  innovation for the last two years and last night I hit a breaking point. I came across an innovation report from Accenture.  I read it twice and became angry at what turned out to be less interesting and insightful than the back of a pack of Splenda. Ironically none of us have innovated around innovation in while. Shame on Accenture for letting such a pile of crap out their door. I expect a whole lot more from them and so would their clients.

I know others in this field are equally dumbfounded or jaded by this.

I am looking for companies who are truly innovating and not just talking about it. If you know of any, please shoot me a note.

1 thought on “An innovation formula

  1. Steven,

    It’s been a while. We should talk. 🙂

    Adam —

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