ANTIGENcy Presentation for Recruitcamp

Attached is a presentation I am giving at Recruitcamp at Quintiles Transnational in RTP, NC on Thursday, April 22. The presentation talks about where ANTIGENcy comes from, how it evolved and how the corporate antigens are conceived.

Take a peek and let me know what you think. And if you are so inclined, check out #recruitcamp Thursday the 22nd at Quintiles.


4 thoughts on “ANTIGENcy Presentation for Recruitcamp

  1. Great talk! You should this ppt

  2. I also enjoyed your unique (out)look @ things. Refreshing & very catching! Cheers, Julie

  3. I really like the Passion screen. You said:
    How do we create “passion buoyancy?”
    Do we celebrate passionate exuberance?

    I like the idea of “passion buoyancy.”

    So obviously culture play a huge part here. But are you trying to more actively institutionalize the positive attributes?

    How (beyond culture) do you propose to implement antigens? Do you also look at process, leadership structure, reward systems? What else?

    1. Hey John, thanks for the comment. I am trying to institutionalize the whole metaphor. It’s a fresh way to look at solving problems. It helps people get a more active understanding of a challenge and a more creative way to inoculate against it’s effect.

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