An antigen is a substance that prompts the generation of antibodies causing an immune response.

ANTIGENcy is a group (not an agency) that creates ideas, innovation and action that inoculates companies against inaction, irrelevance, inflexibility and instability.

You would hire ANTIGENcy to help create protection, make the right change happen in your organization and to get Deloitte or Bain results without their fees.

ANTIGENcy uses Design Thinking to help you see the possibility, change the culture of your organization and realize more.

We repel our “agency conditioning” to help you avoid paying for overhead, waste, and budget-driven inflexibility. Just relevant ideas, executed.
We are all former agency people with as much experience in transformation, organizational architecture, brand strategy, digital as you’ll find out there.

We want to trade our ideas and experience for money.

1 thought on “About ANTIGENcy

  1. Tiffany Y'vonne April 21, 2010 — 9:33 am

    By happenstance I discovered your site. Relevant, Insightful, Craftily Entertaining. I look forward to future posts.

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