ANTIGENcy is an experiment.

Last week I stopped working as the Executive Vice President of Strategy at a well-respected and good-sized independent communications firm in Raleigh. At that post, I was a consultant working on big project strategy, organizational development, design thinking, design strategy and culture change.

I am now taking that experience and trying something new based on what many of my clients wanted throughout my engagements. Something different, more transparent, more accessible and without all the budgetary inflexibility.

I am creating ANTIGENcy. Both an anti-agency and a corporate antigen.

I think it can be different by virtue of not doing what conventional consulting practices do. Not charging the fees they charge and being a little more open and accessible. And it can be successful by virtue of protecting a company’s defenses. That is what we plan to accomplish.

Let’s see if it works.

1 thought on “ANTIGENcy is an experiment.

  1. And all of us at “well-respected and good-sized independent communications firm” wish you all the best. Will this be your new home?

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