Here is what ANTIGENcy is trying…

Agencies have always worked in one direction. Offense.
To use compelling and memorable stories to influence some action that benefits a brand.
To succeed, and cut through the noise, the stories are getting better and louder. Mostly, its entertaining. Where will that end? How sustainable is it?

ANTIGENcy adds a defensive dimension to the offensive.
ANTIGENcy was formed on the premise that companies and brands can grow stronger by protecting themselves from emergent internal and external threats.
ANTIGENcy is about creating change, strengthening the culture, abandoning stuff that isn’t helping businesses anymore.
ANTIGENcy helps create the change that builds brands and protects from the agents that cause harm.
ANTIGENcy is the stuff you’ve never heard of that can keep your brand alive by growing your strategic defenses.

1 thought on “Here is what ANTIGENcy is trying…

  1. The word feels awkward to me … let’s think about refinement

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